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I’m Rev. Zina (but you can call me Rev. Z). I serve as an Assistant Minister at the Center for Spiritual Living in Bellingham, WA. I am a graduate of the Holmes Institute, where I earned a Master of Consciousness Studies. Over the last 20 years, I have taught classes, worked one-on-one with clients, and given talks on various spiritual topics. I am a licensed spiritual educator with the Science of Mind and Spirit, a successful entrepreneur, and what I refer to as a “conscious creator.”

If you are looking for ways to grow spiritually and enrich your life… I can help by providing spiritual coaching. I teach students and clients ways to understand and use proven spiritual principles that can improve their lives. Working with 100s of clients/students has a special place in my heart. It brightens my day when a person learns to unleash their inner innovations and taps into an internal energy source that sustains and grows their awareness of how powerful and capable they are.

My purpose is to help you unlock your potential and maximize your ability to grow spiritually….with the icing on the cake helping you learn that you can create an extraordinary life. Achieving harmony and the feeling of well-being is not only possible; it is your birthright. It all starts with learning about universal principles that you can use to transform your life and understanding how to use them.

I see clients in one-on-one sessions. I teach small group classes, including; Foundations for Spiritual Living, book studies on spiritual growth and prosperity, Napoleon Hill Principles of Success, Self Mastery, Spiritual Principles, and Practice, and others. I invite you to visit my spiritual videos and blogs page or to schedule a time for a one-on-one complimentary 15-minute session. I look forward to helping you discover the potential that lies within you.

~ Ways We Can Connect ~


Meet me in this short video & hear about my spiritual principles & resources I can offer you. Watch more spiritual messages here.

Individual Spiritual Mentoring

Propel your enlightenment by enlisting Zina as your individual spiritual coach. You’ll get an ally, someone on your side- for prayer & busting through life’s challenges & goals!

Meet in person

I personally welcome you to join us for Sunday services at the Center for Spiritual Living in Bellingham, Washington where I’m an Assistant Minister. I speak regularly on Sunday mornings and also lead interesting spiritual classes for our community.

Gain insight by viewing my spiritual blogs. Here are the three latest posts or click here to view all.

“I sincerely look forward to hearing from you” -Zina