Inspiration from Conscious Creators

P e r s e r v e r e n c e

When I think of conscious creators I think of the stories of those who have blessed us with their brilliance and I think of the countless men and women who venture outside of their comfort zone to challenge the status quo. Leaving security for the unknown. Courageously making something out of nothing and blazing their own course. I can’t help to think about the famous story of Thomas Edison who as a conscious creator knew he would refine the incandescent light.

Edison never flinched in his determination even during the 10,000 failed attempts, it took until he was able to perfect it. Do we wonder why Edison didn’t give up and go on to his other countless ideas for creation?

Or the scrawny little kid who marched around his small town professing, over the laughter and the disbelief of his team mates and coaches, that he was going to grow up and play professional baseball for his entire career as a short stop for the N.Y. Yankees. Does it surprise us that the story goes that Derek Jeter, did in fact get drafted at the age of 18 and did play short stop his entire 20-year MLB career with the New York Yankees?

In his book, “The Story of Success”, Malcolm Gladwell shows compelling research by putting forward a theory that success in any endeavor whether it be, business, sports, creative arts, or craftsmanship is a combination of factors and of all the factors hard work is the dominant factor.

It’s not so much the physical work as much as it is the mental hard work that leads to our success.

So, what is a conscious creator, and how do we begin to think like they do?

The good news is we start right where we stand. We don’t simply get to some far off destination and arrive, instead conscious creators, use certain principles to guide them, certain habits that they cultivate, certain daily practices, evaluating, examining, and always having the courage to change direction and to shed what no longer supports. Take it from me, I have failed countless times and each time has strengthened my resolve and has made me able to embody the words of Napoleon Hill, “you do not fail until you quit”.

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