Instead of goal setting, try this.

Instead of goal setting, try this

At the darkest time of the year, it’s a beautiful chance to bring in the light, and reflect on our choices. Where have we been? What did we learn? And what new goals should we set for the future? These are often the most common questions involved in evaluation, as goals are the typical benchmark for having “arrived.”

Yet what’s fascinating is that one of the most rewarding lessons I’ve learned in more than 30 years of business, is that we’re in a constant state of evolving. By focusing on an intention in the present moment, I’ve gotten “there” faster, easier and more effectively than ever before.

Goals are future based, but intention is in the now, and that’s all we have control over. Sometimes the smallest shifts in mindset have the greatest gifts, and I invite you to unwrap yours.

What are your intentions for this year? Come January, most of us are going to be ready to come out of the gate, guns blazing, ready to bring our desires into fruition. The problem, however, is that come spring if we haven’t met our January goals, we can start to feel downtrodden with anxiety about “what’s not working.” How is it possible that we didn’t achieve what we wanted, if we were doing everything “right?”

The answer is simple: Focus (or re-focus) your attention on your intentions. For example, “This next year I want to improve the interaction that customers have with my business, so that they leave feeling complete and utter joy.”

Intention is an unstoppable force, and when you keep your focus on it day-to-day, you’re naturally going to make decisions that flow along with it. Harnessing an energy that’s going to bring greater abundance to you, instead of you chasing it.

On social media, we often see things that make us believe that we need all these external things to help us be “better.” That we can only elevate and achieve our goals if we replicate others. Although completely natural and understandable, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

“The road to freedom lies not through mysteries or occult performances, but through the intelligent use of natural forces and laws.” -Ernest Holmes, founder of Science of Mind

The only thing you need to do is focus on your desires within, centered in the heart of your individuality, because that’s where your true power lies. YOU are your greatest force. Start looking within, letting yourself live within the intentions of your soul, and you’ll soon begin to harness a strength you’ve never encountered before. A power that will inevitably lead you, and by extension your “goals,” to fruition.

Please share your comments below. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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