Why You Need the Power of Positive Thinking Now

Why You Need the Power of Positive Thinking Now

Take one scroll through social media and you will find a plethora of reposts on positive thinking. But how does it actually work?

Sure, we all love quotes and positive mantras. America is a positive thought nation, and we are wired to think positively about the crappiest situations. But while this may provide temporary relief, positive thoughts are just words until we can penetrate the barriers built deep in our minds, and allow the positive thoughts to sink in and actually stick.

The biggest change in my career and business happened when I started to recognize that there is a biomechanical order to thoughts.

I then learned how to use the system and cooperated with how it worked so that I could change the course of not only my business, but my life as a whole.

Whether you’re dealing with money problems, taken a risk on the wrong hire, or are stuck in an operational rut, it can be overwhelmingly difficult to find a solution. You might feel stressed that there “just isn’t an answer,” and feel the pull of giving up.

Yet if you’ve hit a roadblock in your life, the key to your problem solving magic lies right at the heart of your crossroads. Thought is causative.

HOW we think isn’t as important, because thought is an automatic habit. WHAT we think, however, holds the key to change Imagine if you kept repeating a positive thought over and over. For example, “My career is growing each and every day, and in every way.” In this process, you’re attempting to change your mind about a situation. Now, imagine if in the next breath you think, “There ain’t no way that’s gonna happen!” What do you think the outcome will be?

Either there is a solution forward, or there isn’t. You don’t get three choices. You can choose the path of a positive outcome, or you can choose to stay in the realm of “stuck.” It’s freeing when you look at this way, because in the thralls of the ever-easy-to-succumb-to, “Woe is me. Why is this happening? Nothing ever works out!” mentality, you’re pushed to decide on a way out, and boy does positive thinking sure get you there faster.

Though it may seem abstract, positive thinking is precisely what turns “impossibility” into “endless possibilities.”

From a terrible situation, lies the possibility of making something incredible. From a loss, you might find the key to create even greater riches than ever before. It’s all a matter of how you see something, which originates from what you think about something.

And why wouldn’t you want to think differently, if a situation isn’t working? There’s already so much pain and suffering in this world. Why on earth would you want to create more for yourself, and by extension, your life? A 2016 Harvard study found that optimistic thinking has a direct link on life expectancy, and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. Researchers at Johns Hopkins have also studied how “a positive attitude improves outcomes and life satisfaction.” Life is both intuitive and analytic, and the choice to create from a place of positivity is equally a gut and rational decision.

Your perspective is what directly impacts your physical, emotional and financial outcomes, regardless of your spirituality or faith.

Like attracts like, and when we operate from a higher energy place of “yes, anything is possible!” we tend to attract people with the same mentality, who want to say “yes” to being a part of our journeys.

“In the invisible law there is a logical and sequential evolution. In the invisible law there is an unfoldment, we must come to trust although we do not see the way. We must believe that the way IS and that IT is operative.” – Ernest Holmes, founder of The Science of Mind

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