Three Ways to Transform the Unworthy Self to True Self

Three Ways to Transform the Unworthy Self to the True Self

If you are feeling unsettled, and alone; it is OK many of us are feeling this too. It is that feeling of uncertainty and confusion about the future. You might be asking yourself, what is going to happen next? Or maybe you are frightened because you cannot see the future and are worried something bad will happen.

Ernest Holmes, the founder of Science of Mind and Spirit, reminds us that we must become aware of the Divine Presence and the Divine Power, the Wholeness of Truth, Love, reason, and a sound mind. Holmes offers a way to return to inner harmony by encouraging us not to live in our negative thoughts.

The healing journey is about causing our minds to dwell on peace and joy, regardless of what is happening in our world.

I teach about the process of healing and the power of Truth-telling; it is a move toward integration and wholeness. We all have two aspects: one is the shadow self, and the other is the True Self. Both are aspects of the same self and are within us.

Healing is a journey of integration, learning to recognize when we react from the divided self when someone triggers us, we feel threatened and vulnerable; it is a sense of being out of balance. Aligning with our True Selves is not the decision to deny our feelings or to judge ourselves for them.

Instead, it is a turning towards the inner wisdom that can guide us to positive outcomes and deep feelings of well-being. It took me many years to heal my thoughts about having a shadow self—my unresolved childhood trauma, bad relationship choices and being poor aided in keeping the secret about myself from the light of healing. Early on, the best way to deal with my problems was not to tell the truth about how I felt about myself or those hurting me. —the other aspect was the pain of being a very spiritual person with intuitive grifts and realizing that my religion would never accept me…I don’t need to tell you folks that being gay in many churches is a serious offense against God. Sure, it was part of why I left the church, but only a part of the more significant reason to stay meant I needed to embrace God as an entity that rejects its creation. As a Catholic, my faith taught me I was separate from God. God was outside of myself, a white, patriarchal, authoritative figure who always made me feel as if I was broken or unworthy. The healing journey has enabled me to embrace a different interpretation of the God of my understanding, a universal love intelligence, loving and accepting. Many Christians and Catholics might take offense when I say, “I love the Lord with all my heart.”It is the truth, and I also know the Lord I am referring to creates in love, sustains, and cares for all sentient beings.

Healing is the act of standing on firm ground and embracing our Divine Self; it believes that there is an Absolute living presence everywhere, and it is already whole, perfect, and complete. This Absolute created everything and is in everyone. When we consciously become aware of this, we become open to the flow and energy that manifests healing

There is a relationship between consciousness (thoughts) and healing. My deep awareness of the Divine comes from my own experience of facing my fears of death, poverty, and disease. Healing our lives begins with healing our thoughts and raising our consciousness.

The healing journey has many aspects, and here are three distinct characteristics:

First Stage

We leave our familiar surroundings and start on a journey. We do not know why things in our life are no longer working, or we have a trigger event, usually a disruptive event that casts us out from our usual way of living. We lose a job, get a diagnosis, our relationship ends, or we experience money challenges. We know we need to change, but we still are not clear about what needs to change.

Second Stage

We cannot go back to our familiar surroundings, but there is no clear vision of where we are going and how we will get there. This part of the journey is the most painful period in the healing process; we begin to question who we are. We enter what is called “the dark night of the soul.” This stage is where we recognize the “shadow self.” It is a place in our psyche where we carry our repressed emotions from our consciousness. Its content includes tendencies, desires, and memories rejected by the individual as incompatible with the persona; it’s the things we find unacceptable about ourselves.

Filled with all the stories we have told ourselves about how unworthy and unlovable we are. All the self-betraying times in our life, when we agreed to do or be someone even when we knew it was inauthentic. There is an overwhelming feeling of despair because we realize like a broken record, we have played the same stories out in our experience repeatedly.

Third Stage

This time is a process of reclaiming who we are. In the previous stages, we went through shedding away the old ideas about ourselves, and we begin to see ourselves through a lens of compassion and understanding. In this stage, some report feelings of being surrounded by a loving presence. We return to our familiar surroundings, but as changed and transformed individuals. This stage is about the integration of wholeness. A deep understanding that we are both the shadow self and the Divine Self.

The Divine Self is an aspect of ourselves that can never be hurt or harmed, diminished or extinguished.

Our journey returns to remembering our authentic and divine nature and to the understanding that our ‘wounds’ are only part of our experience, but do not define us.

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