Two of the Biggest Blocks to Your Financial Success

Two of the Biggest Blocks to Your Financial Success

Are you feeling completely drained because you’re not earning enough money? It sounds crazy, the idea of blocking our own financial success, when we’re doing everything in our power to achieve our goals. But while we might want things externally (more clients, a better income, to get out of debt and buy a home), due to internal conditioning, we can inhibit ourselves from actually receiving any of it.

Whether you’ve been in your career 20 years or merely have a paper napkin idea while working two part time gigs, it’s important to remember that we’re all human, and thus prone to self sabotage.

If you’re feeling stressed by the lack of money, you could very well be letting two highly common emotional triggers get in the way of your financial success.

First is guilt for what you have. Have you been conditioned to feel guilt about the things you have? Is there a cap on what you should be “allowed” make, or charge? “Why should you have more money than anyone else?” your ego says. “You don’t deserve it.”

Second is Shame for wanting more. A catch-22, when we feel guilty about receiving in the first place, we then set ourselves up for the shame involved with wanting to receive “more.” “You’re not good enough,” ego says. “How dare you think you’re worthy?”

When it comes down to it, money is essentially energy. You give your energy – in the form of work or services rendered. And then you receive back energy – in the form of money, so that you can buy what you need to rest and re-fuel.

If you’re judging what any of that looks like, what you “should” or “shouldn’t” have (getting a massage, owning a comfortable home, flying business class on a longhaul flight), it’s a sign you’re letting ego block your financial success. Furthermore, you’re completely ignoring the fact that you’re here to SERVE.

When you’re at peace with who you are and how you’re here to serve, it’s a beautiful exchange that only elevates your mission on earth.

The amount of money you have coming in the door is in direct proportion to what you need to keep serving. This is why all too commonly, when it comes to financial success, the only “real” work we need to do is within. Once we make peace with our (re)conditioned mind, all of a sudden we set ourselves free to let financial abundance flow.

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