What if I Don’t Have a Passion?

What if I Don’t Have a “Passion?” There’s nothing worse than wanting to start living true to who you are… and feeling completely lost.




You read all the books and follow all the social media accounts. You meditate, journal your thoughts, go to workshops and listen to podcasts that talk about new ways of living. And boy, are you ready to get living.

You’re SO ready to start that new career and hit LAUNCH on the life you know deep inside you’re meant to live. But you don’t know where to begin, because you’re not quite sure what your real “passion” is.

First, know that you’re not alone. No one can escape the agony and the ecstasy that is divine timing. Furthermore, passion as a whole is like a wave that ebbs and flows. You might feel it more on some days, less on others.

On the days you don’t feel anything, when you feel lost in the doldrums of the ocean, without direction, dare to have faith that you’re being “readied.”

Like a slow cooker, you’re slowly being “readied” at just the right temperature. Whatever you call it – God, the Universe, “life” – is perfecting your internal recipe so that when the timing is right, you’re ready to start surfing the biggest wave of your life, while simultaneously dishing out plates of that divinely beautiful meal that’s going to replenish the souls of others for years to come. That may sound like a ridiculous analogy.

It’s only because passion is a complex animal that sometimes cannot be understood, merely intuited, and it’s only going to make sense to you.

If you’re feeling frustrated that your passion “isn’t here yet,” dare to forgive that which you feel is blocking it. Examine your thoughts and all of those lower energy emotions – anger, worry, fear and frustration – ask what is holding me back.

Clear the energy first, and invite your intuition, your passion, to come to you. Ernest Holmes said “To learn how to think is to learn how to live, our thoughts go into the medium that is infinite in its ability to do and to be. Here lies our passion nestled inside of each of us waiting to be revealed.”

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