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I’m Zina. New Thought Leader, Spiritual Teacher & Entrepreneur
In 2017, I received a powerful vision I could not ignore. I felt like I was receiving a download from the universe!

“Be an instrumental agent in the great awakening happening on our planet.” The reoccurring word I heard was, “Love”; see love, be love, and bring love.”

Shortly after this, after many years as a successful entrepreneur, I stepped down as vice president of a company I started with my spouse 15 years prior. As a metaphysician and a licensed practitioner of the Science of Mind and Spirit, I have dedicated my life to spiritual development, empowerment, and transformation. I rely heavily on my roots as a creative, entrepreneur, and woman mystic. Instead of being guided by my inner drive to succeed and excel, my guidance arrives from visions, intuition, and direct communication with Spirit.

Because of my spiritual awakening, I trust all who seek can through spiritual practice have a direct relationship with the Divine. As a teacher of the Science of Mind and Spirit, a spiritual philosophy based on psychospiritual principles, the ageless wisdom teachings of our planet, and the latest findings in modern science. I work with client’s helping them to find meaning and to create a spiritual context for the everyday challenges.

My background includes deep dives into Metaphysics, New Thought, quantum physics and transcendentalism. These intriguing & profound disciplines are the foundations for Science of Mind – and Law of Attraction. As a Spirituality Mentor, I call upon my B.A. degree in Psychology, decades of business ownership, guidance from visions & spiritual intuition. All of this adds value to your spiritual growth session.
I reside in San Diego, CA, with my wife Patti of twenty-three years and our two dogs, Molli and Fairmont.

I am also a ministerial intern with the Centers for Spiritual Living. In June 2021, I will complete my Masters of Consciousness Studies program through the Holmes Institute and will be a licensed CSL minister.

I have been certified by the Napoleon Hill Foundation on: ‘Principals For Successful Living’.

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